The percentage of the European Union’s trade with the countries of northwest Sahara is 86% of its trade with the countries of the African continent.

European Union

European union

Africa northwest and south of the Sahara

Asia and Japan

The Middle East

The Middle East

Africa northwest and south of the Sahara

Africa northwest and south of the Desert


Attracting investment in the field of investment and innovation in the field of investment, attracting technologies, gaining modern management skills and creating new job opportunities.


Libya is a promising country with its human resources, location and wealth,


Pioneering trade in Libya and the Mediterranean, and contributing to creating a diversified knowledge economy


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Smart Area

Industrial Area

المنطقة الحرة المريسة بنغازي هي منطقة حرة متعددة التخصصات وتعتبر الاولى من نوعها في شمال أفريقيا ، وهي مشروع استراتيجي يبرز الاهمية النسبية لموقع المنطقة لتوسطها تقريبياً الساحل الجنوبي للبحر الابيض المتوسط ، والدور الذي يمكن أن تلعبه هذه المنطقة كمنظم لتجارة العبور بين دول الاتحاد الأوربي و دول العمق الافريقي
نسعى حالياً لربط مشروع المنطقة الحرة المريسة بالمناطق الحرة الاخرى بشمال ليبيا مع جنوبها من ضمن مشروع وطني استراتيجي متكامل ، يبرز أهمية الدولة الليبية وتعزيز دورها التجاري في منظومة التجارة الدولية بين أروبا و أفريقيا
نحن مستعدون اليوم قبل الغد للمضي قدماً و العمل يداً بيد مع جميع الاطراف الداعمة ذات العلاقة لنجاح هذا المشروع الاستراتيجي ، وجذب مختلف الاستثمارات إليه ، نسأل الله أن يوفقنا الى ما فيه خير و مصلحة هذا الوطن
والسلام عليكم ورحمة الله و بركاته

أ . أسامة رجب الجهاني

أ . أسامة رجب الجهاني

مدير عام المنطقة الحرة المريسة

Importance Of The Area

Free zones and zones of a special nature are considered among the most important projects that must be focused on in the coming period to attract foreign investors and motivate the national investor to invest due to the laws that these zones provide for stimulating investment, such as the law of free zones and transit trade and its executive regulations, as well as the ability to provide good services away from bureaucracy Administrative and state complexities with the ease of securing advisory projects to be established in such areas. It is expected that the free zone will be available in Al-Marisah – Benghazi has nearly 40 thousand direct job opportunities for Libyan youth and more than 500 small and medium projects, according to what was reported by the economic feasibility study prepared by the Center for Research and Economic Sciences (2007) and the technical report prepared by the scientific team that was formed From the University of Benghazi for the year (2013). Its proposal as a multidisciplinary area can contribute to revitalizing industry and agriculture, pushing the wheel of the economy, and raising the level of culture and education in the city in particular and in all parts of Libya in general.

Port Authority

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