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What is

the free zone?

What is

the free zone?

Free zones are economic projects that have commercial returns and a positive economic and social return that depends in its results on the growth of the average per capita income and the improvement of the citizen’s living life, which is the ultimate goal of any economic activity within the development system. It is considered like other economic projects that benefit the national economy. Such as easing customs restrictions on the movement of trade and alleviating obstacles to the movement of capital and the spread of some industries that depend on export abroad, providing job opportunities for local labor, increasing the state’s foreign exchange revenues, and increasing the country’s exports abroad. Maximizing the role of ports and airports and introducing advanced technology in all fields.And training national labor on them, including what is related to the return on investors and projects, such as benefiting from invested capitals and projects from customs and tax exemptions, benefiting from the infrastructure provided by the state for these projects in free zones, reducing the costs and prices of products, and marketing the production of projects in the markets. neighbouring countries.

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Al mreisa Free Zone

The mreisa Free Zone is a zone freed from all tax, customs, commercial, monetary and other restrictions, except those related to faith, national and national security, health and environmental protection. It was established in 2007 on an area of ​​(1200) hectares. It is a multidisciplinary free economic zone located in the southwest of Benghazi, the second largest city. In Libya, it has strategic geographical positions that facilitate access to the Mediterranean Sea and North Africa


Transparency, environmentally friendly organization, convenient to

operate Encouraging creativity and innovative progress of

business and teamwork


Pioneering trade in Libya and the Mediterranean countries

And an economic gateway between Africa and Europe

Contribute to creating a diversified economy


Libya is a promising country with its

human resources, location and wealth

Our motto

Strategic location for successful business

The Mreisa Benghazi Free Zone is a multi-disciplinary free zone and the first of its kind in North Africa. It is a strategic project that highlights the relative importance of the region’s location as it is located roughly in the middle of the southern coast of the Mediterranean Sea, and the role that this region can play as a regulator of transit trade between the European Union and the countries of the depth. We are currently seeking to link the free zone project in Mraysa with other free zones in the north and south of Libya as part of an integrated strategic national project.It highlights the importance of Libya and its commercial promotion in the international trade system between Europe and Africa. We are ready today in front of all relevant supporting parties for this project, and to attract various international marketing. We ask God to help us to do what is good and what is in the interest of this country.

Osama Rajab Al-Jehani

General Director, Al mreisa Free Zone

Al mreisa

A multi-activity economic zone

Al mreisa

A multi-activity economic zone

A window for your business to

access global markets

Al Mreisa Free Zone offers companies competitive advantages, including a distinct strategic location, highly efficient and credible services, in addition to the diversity of industries, licenses and a strong institutional structure, which contributes to placing your business on the cusp of global trade as a gateway within an unparalleled interconnected network.

اجتماع السيد مدير عام المنطقة الحرة المريسة بالسيد وزير الاقتصاد والسيد وكيل وزارة الاقتصاد والتواصل مع السيد رئيس مجلس إدارة المؤسسة الوطنية للنفط بشأن تسريع عمل المؤسسة بالمنطقة الحرة وكذلك التنسيق في بدء العمل عن طريق ميناء جليانا إلى حين بناء ميناء المريسة التجاري وتفعيل الميناء الجاف ومنطقة الحاويات بموقع المنطقة الحرة في قنفودة

Features of the Al Mreisa Free Zone site

  • Distinctive strategic location and mild climate.
  • Maritime shipping and international shipping lines.
  • The city’s international airport.
  • Availability of lands for investment with suitable areas.
  • Availability of energy and water sources at local prices.
  • Proximity and availability of raw material sources.
  • A fleet of trucks equipped for land transport services.
  • The city has historically been known for its commercial activities.
  • A good environment for investment in all economic fields.
  • And its proximity to target markets.
    The infrastructure is excellent.


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حضور السيد مدير عام المنطقة الحرة المريسة للاجتماع الخاص بدعم المشروعات الاستراتيجية بحضور وزير المالية ووزير الاقتصاد ورئيس هيئة تشجيع الاستثمار

The meeting of the Director General of the Elmreisa Free Zone with the Minister of Economy

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